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Po|li|tik [gr.-fr.-] die; -, -en: 1. auf die Durchsetzung bes. Ziele im staatlichen Bereich u. auf die Gestaltung des öffentlichen Lebens gerichtetes Handeln von Regierungen, Parlamenten, Parteien, Organisationen o. ä. 2. berechnendes, zielgerichtetes Verhalten, Vorgehen. (Duden, Fremdwörterbuch, 5. Auflage 1990)



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How people use phpWebSite polls

updated by rck, 2005-12-04
How people use phpWebSite polls More and more people switch from regular static homepages to dynamic ones. The so called WCMS (web based content management systems) are very popular because of their ease of use and setup. One module you can see in about every WCMS, be it a stand-alone forum, a portal or even a blog, is a poll module.

I've analyzed 49 sites running the phpWebSite WCMS. I've taken a look at how the site owners use the polls, especially what kind of questions they are polling and how successful they are in doing so.

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Google defends Bombing

updated by rck, 2005-09-18
Google defends Bombing

...and by bombing I don't mean bombing Iraq. No, the term Google Bombing actually refers to something else, spamming Google by doing lots of links with a given anchor text.

In a recent post of the Google Blog, the major player of the search engine market itself defends this practice. It's reflecting the current opinion on the Internet and thus needs to be respected, they write in an article to be remembered.

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Austrian Toilet Art

updated by rck, 2005-03-21
Austrian Toilet Art

It is very impressive how certain Austrian groups know where they belong to. During our first “Photo club” photo-shooting today, klwe and I found a toilet on the Leopoldsberg.

I think, that the caption “NS Art” absolutely fits on toilets. Congratulations to the artists for that!

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Fighting fire with fire

updated by rck, 2005-03-12
Fighting fire with fire

Some things are so odd, they really make you wonder. Take for example the Austrian freedom party. Basically like the Republicans but (luckily) a minority in Austria.

As a minority, they have to shock people. At least that's what they think. And point with the finger on others.

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Congratulations, Mr. Bush

updated by rck, 2004-11-07
Congratulations, Mr. Bush

It's no coincidence that the colors of the current theme are those of the United States. I want to congratulate Mr. Bush for his victory in this years election of the US president. You made it, Mr. Bush.

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Austria celebrates it's 49th national day

updated by rck, 2006-03-26
Austria celebrates it's 49th national day

On this earth, whose population wants to reach the moon and conquer the infinite space, on this earth, of which occupants go to war somewhere all the time, on this earth that has a thousand million children, of which 750 million cannot be nutured well enough, on this earth, on which some million humans die every year because of starvation, on this earth there is a country -- it's just a small piece of the world map -- which is called Austria. Millions of people think, Austria is Australia. Still, Austria had some meaning for the world and still has.

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Wickeltische. For gents

updated by rck, 2004-10-10
Wickeltische. For gents

I don't know the english translation for it. A Wickeltisch is a desk, where you put your baby on in public in a bathroom. And change it's diapers. Usually stuff, women do.

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Alternative Plakate zur EU-Wahl 2004

updated by rck, 2004-06-02
Alternative Plakate zur EU-Wahl 2004 Die EU-Wahl ist bald. Am 13. Juni 2004 gilt es zu bestimmen, wer Österreich gegenüber der EU vertritt und unsere Ideen, unsere Vorschläge einbringt.

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updated by rck, 2004-05-23
<i>die</i> Konnte mir gerade einen lauten Lacher nicht verkneifen. Die Standard, ist das den grammatikalisch überhaupt korrekt? Vielleicht nicht, dennoch eine sehr feine Seite.

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