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Congratulations, Mr. Bush
updated by rck, 2004-11-07

It's no coincidence that the colors of the current theme are those of the United States. I want to congratulate Mr. Bush for his victory in this years election of the US president. You made it, Mr. Bush.

Colors of America

Mr. Bush, you have won.

God bless America.

A true winner
Colors of victory

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  • No Subject

    Posted on 2004-11-09 00:58:30 By Anonymous

    whats that molecule that i see to the left?
    And what does is have to do with the *theme* of your site?

    just curious,

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    • LSD!

      Posted on 2004-11-09 02:27:32 By rck[110]

      changed On 2004-11-09 02:30:11 Edited By rck (reason: )

      If you look closely below it, there's "home - rck lsd" written below. The theme is called lsd, as well. By clicking the letters, you can get more Infos. The "l" shows the certain "features" of that drug, "s" links to this article and the "d" links to the original graphic, which I've drawn lines over in Photoshop.

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      • Re: LSD!

        Posted on 2004-11-10 11:23:06 By Anonymous

        Wow, i knew that ;)
        Have you had any experiences with it or any other hallucinogens?

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        • Re: LSD!

          Posted on 2004-11-10 15:25:13 By rck[110]

          Yes, actually I put a fair amount of that stuff in my Blender, together with three heaped spoons of protein-powder and half a litre of low fat milk. It simply gives everything livlier colours, that don't oly look good. The colours fee and smell nice, too! In fact, I think, everyone should get a fair amount of it in school. Then again, the britih army gave it to their soldiers some years ago, without letting them kow about it. I will post the link of a corresponding video I saw somewhere. LSD is everywhere, I still strongly believe in the US president only being product of my -- or ANYONEs -- imagination. Just remember those SDI-stories (lasers in space), they weren't true either.

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