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Fighting fire with fire
updated by rck, 2005-03-12

Some things are so odd, they really make you wonder. Take for example the Austrian freedom party. Basically like the Republicans but (luckily) a minority in Austria.

As a minority, they have to shock people. At least that's what they think. And point with the finger on others.

The flag installment


Four days ago, the Vienna “Hall of Arts” (Kunsthalle) got an controversial installment: A lot of turkish flags all over it. The whole thing is called KanakAttack (like a movie I watched quite some time ago on ARTE) and directed by Feridun Zaimoglu.

The only Austrian party (there are three others worth mentioning) complaining about that is the freedom party. Well: They need the publicity and complaining gives a lot of publicity in Austria.

The complaint


Mr Strache writes: (the red text next to his face):

“No money for the turkish tent, Mr. Häuptl”

The bullets:

“The social democrats, the people party and the greens provoke Viennas population with a turkish sea of flags costing EUR 40.000.”

“Strache: Vienna must not become Istanbul”

And the bottom line:

“He tells what Vienna thinks”


What to do if too much tax money is spent? Easy: Spend more. All over the place in Vienna, you can find Strache's advertisements against that installment.

I found this one in the free paper “heute”, which is available in every Viennese subway.

The advertisements, of course, aren't free. Not for the advertisers.

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