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Austria celebrates it's 49th national day
updated by rck, 2006-03-26

On this earth, whose population wants to reach the moon and conquer the infinite space, on this earth, of which occupants go to war somewhere all the time, on this earth that has a thousand million children, of which 750 million cannot be nutured well enough, on this earth, on which some million humans die every year because of starvation, on this earth there is a country -- it's just a small piece of the world map -- which is called Austria. Millions of people think, Austria is Australia. Still, Austria had some meaning for the world and still has.

Austrias National Day

the Austrian Flag
the Austrian flag

I think, this introduction from the Democratic Center is a very nice introduction to what made Austria the way it is. On the 15th of may in the year 1955, Leopold Figl signed the Austrian State-Treaty.


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The (english!) Video Album of the Austrian State Treaty

Österreich ist frei! 50 Jahre Staatsvertrag

A chronology of the various National Days of Austria.

Im Weltraum spielt Österreich seine Rolle

Austria's big newspaper, Der Standard tells us, that Austria is an international Interface.

TV-Rede Nationalfeiertag

What our president, Dr. Thomas Klestil told us on the Austrian National Day back in the year 2000.

Bundeskanzler Österreich: Reden

Quite some stuff, some politicans told us.;internal&action=_setlanguage.action?language=en'>Leopold Figl
Leopold Figl

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