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Können Sony-Mitarbeiter lesen?
updated by rck, 2006-03-26

Die Aufgabenstellung scheint einfach: Für einen seit März erhältlichen Sony Clié TH-55 eine passende Dockingstation UC-55 bestellen. Nachdem das Gerät in Europa (und somit auch Österreich) ausverkauft ist, eben in Amerika. Wieso auch nicht, in Zeiten von UPS und Co dauert sowas normalerweise keine Woche.
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Mailverkehr Sony Parts Center

19. August 2004

Dear Parts Center!

Sony Sales doesn't send to Europe but told me, that you might. I'm trying to hunt down a USB Cradle (UC55) for my Clie TH-55 for about 2 month now and hope that you can send me one of those.

Please tell me, what kind of further informations you need from me to get one of those.

My Sony Style Incident Number is XXXXX, if this matters to you.

By the way, I am from Austria and my phone number is XXXXX. Your form doesn't support longer numbers...

Thank you // Rene C. Kiesler!

20. August 2004

The items you requested are listed below.

Item 1 - USB CRADLE, PEGAUC55 -- $29.99 ea.

You may place your order using the link below or call 1-800-488-7669. Shipping charges and local taxes will be added to your order at checkout.

Sony Direct Accessories & Parts Center web site -

We can not ship out of the US either.
Thank you for your interest in Sony.

20. August 2004

Thank you for your answer.

How exactly would you suggest that I get such a device? It's sold out in whole of europe, I don't know any one in US and there doesn't seem to be any shop left which would have it and send it as well.

Sony America has it but doesn't ship outside US. Sony Japan has it but doesn't ship outside Japan.

I'm clueless, please help!

Regards // René C. Kiesler!

26. August 2004

If you need assistance and live outside the United States or have a product purchased outside of the United States, please click on the link below and choose your country.

Please visit our web site again for all your Sony parts and accessory needs.

Sony Direct Accessories & Parts Center web site -

Thank you for your interest in Sony.

...womit wir wieder am Anfang wären, auf gibt's nämlich schlicht einen Link auf Sony Österreich und das DAPC versendet nicht außerhalb Amerikas...

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  • Typisch

    Posted on 2004-08-28 09:14:25 By Anonymous

    Typisch Sony.. :/
    der "Service" von Sony hat schon einige potentielle Käufer abgeschreckt, und es wird sich wohl auch nicht viel daran ändern..

    alpi cool

    [Reply ]

  • Die offizielle c't Antwort

    Posted on 2004-08-30 12:52:56 By rck[110]

    changed On 2004-08-30 12:53:09 Edited By rck (reason: )

    ...gerade eingetroffen, nicht mal ein Werktag ist vergangen:


    Sony hat seine Produktion schon bald nach seiner Ankündigung, keine PDAs mehr zu produzieren eingestellt, was auch für die Zubehörteile gilt. Sony hat nur noch ein paar Ersatz-Cradles für den Support auf Lager, die werden aber verständlicherweise nicht herausgegeben. Auch Händler waren über diese Praxis verärgert, weil es viele TH55-Nutzer gab, die sich wie Sie mit einem Cradle ausrüsten wollten und in die Röhre guckten. Da kann man nur nach Restposten Ausschau halten oder auf ebey-Auktionen hoffen.


    Daniel Lüders
    Mobile Computing

    [Reply ]

    • Re: Die offizielle c't Antwort

      Posted on 2004-08-30 12:55:54 By rck[110]

      Danke für Ihre Antwort! Habe bereits das Angebot eines Kollegen angenommen, der Connections nach Amerika hat. Halten Sie mir die Daumen... ;-)

      [Reply ]

        • Cases and cradle

          Posted on 2004-10-04 20:29:43 By rck[110]

          changed On 2004-10-04 20:38:42 Edited By rck (reason: Changed topic from "the official c't answer" to "Cases and cradle")

          Sharon, you're as always incredible. Thanks a lot. Of course, I've just missed the ebay-auction, they want to get my postal info as well...

          On the other hand, I was able to identify the website which started the auction in the first place. They don't have the cradle listed there, though. I've just sent them an inquiry.

          Thank you!

          [Reply ]

          • Re: Cases and cradle

            Posted on 2004-10-04 20:53:07 By Anonymous


            Get an eBay account. Be careful to see if the seller ships to Europe BEFORE bidding, and as always, make sure they have a good reputation (rating) and see what they charge to ship before bidding also.

            I have had 97% good luck with eBay. You can find some great prices on hard to find items.

            [Reply ]

            • Re: Cases and cradle

              Posted on 2004-10-04 22:09:14 By rck[110]

              Thank you, this one's for the TG50, the one my father has. It's exactly of the same size but doesn't fit. :-/ I'm curious, wether I'll get some reply from cradles-cables-etc.

              [Reply ]

          • Re: Cases and cradle

            Posted on 2004-10-05 22:10:55 By rck[110]

            and cases&cradles replied:

            does not come with power supply. cannot use a power supply with this

            quite frustrating. So I'd still need a cable for charging that sucker. Damn. I guess, I'll need the original Sony accessory.

            [Reply ]

            • Re: Cases and cradle

              Posted on 2004-10-05 23:11:49 By Sharondippity[12]

              search on eBay - since I'm not clear on what you need, do your search by the specific item on the search box on

              you'll find it eventually there, no doubt

              [Reply ]

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