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My foot is broken
updated by rck, 2004-11-25

Today I broke my foot at my every wednesday California Workout. It happend fast, it made a cracking noise, it hurt a bit. On the other hand, it didn't hurt as much as rendering me unable to finish my Workout.

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The arrival


Finally at home -- after the second visit to the hospital -- I've been challenged by my steps at home. I'm in the second floor, there's no lift. That's a couple of steps to walk.

Luckily, I'm quite trained as I do workout three times a week. That way, even though I've been rather tired I managed to hieve myself in my flat.

My father helped me of course and didn't leave without taking notes what to buy tomorrow at the groceries. He will visit me again at about noon.

It's quite hard to think about a grocery-list if you are forced to do so. Usually I go to the supermarket and get my ideas right there. This of course doesn't work as I have a hard time walking over steps and can't leave home for a while.

Lessons learned

It's quite shocking that you can get handicapped from one second to the other. What I still don't quite realize: I could have gotten operated as well. I've been very, very lucky.

Going to the hospital at all was a very wise decision. I don't want to imagine what happened if I had ignored the pain in my foot and just poured more cold water over it.

How hard must it be for eldery people that are not as trained as I am? How helpless would they be if their foot broke?

Somehow I've been quite enthusiastic about my accident. Yes, really. Then, I'm a bit afraid of what will happen in the next days. Giving myself injections... Not being able to attend university... Not being able to drive...

I shall never give up.

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  • crap!

    Posted on 2004-11-25 03:16:06 By Sharondippity[12]

    Crap on a crap cracker!

    It's never a good time to get injured, is it. So inconvenient. And you're right, all in a blink of the eye. BAM you're in for a recovery. I'm sure you'll heal fine, bones always heal.

    Sorry to hear your news, but glad to see your spirits are up.

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    • Re: crap!

      Posted on 2004-11-25 23:09:41 By rck[110]

      Sorry to hear your news, but glad to see your spirits are up.

      Thank you for your kind words! Actually, things went out very good I think. It's been a wednesday evening. Mondays and Wednesdays are my busy days; Thursdays and Friday as well as the weekend aren't.

      So: I get my walking gypsum on monday, can attend the english test quite nicely (even with my current gypsum) and will hopefully be able to drive my car again starting with tuesday.

      One great relief: Injecting myself doesn't hurt at all. After pushing the fluid in, it burns for a couple of minutes. That's it.

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    • Re: crap!

      Posted on 2007-10-19 15:38:04 By Anonymous

      ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i have a broken foot to ehhhh

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