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My first protein shake
updated by rck, 2004-11-03

I've just bought my first can of protein powerder. You know, that stuff that bodybuilders drink all the time to get lots of muscles. What I've seen after opening it quite amazed me: The can is, basically, only filled two thirds. In other words: I've got 2.5 inches of air with it. For free!

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Why the hell did I buy that stuff? If you work out, you might have experienced it already. You'll get very hungry after a workout. So, instead of raiding my refrigerator all the time, I thought, why not drink a shake instead?

So I went and bought some powder called "powerplay", from Isostar, quite a popular brand here in Austria. Amazingly, the stuff I've seen first after opening it, was a lot of air. 2.5 inches air, 4.25 inches yellow (banana taste, you know), fine grained powder.

that's full. honestly.

How does it perform?

4.25 inches of filling

I haven't "used" it yet. That is: I didn't do a workout after drinking and haven't drunk it after a workout yet. But I will, in about five hours, after my every week California Workout.

What I can write already however, is about it's taste. It's banana, a bit artificial tasting. And quite thick, two soup spoons, heaped as good as possible, for a quarter liter of milk is a lot. I guess, it tastes ok. I actually like it.

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