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I really like comedies. Some videos I have include...


Alfred Dorfer:

  • Donnerstalk, Series 3, All Episodes + Best of, on 3xDVD/TV

Oliver Bayer

  • Das Leben ist ein Schlager, on DVD/TV

Roland Düringer:

  • Benzinbrüder / Stadthalle, on VCD/TV
  • Poppitz, making of, on VCD/TV
  • Regenerationsabend, on VCD/TV


  • Ice Age, on VCD/TV
  • Lucky Luke: Das große Abenteuer (Dalton en cavale, Les), on 2xVCD/TV
  • Paulchen Panther: Olympische Winterspiele, on SVCD/TV
  • Shrek (Shrek), on VCD/TV

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