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Easing GoogleBots life

updated by rck, 2006-05-02
Easing GoogleBots life

Googlebot the well-known crawler. A while ago, a new beta program of Google started. Google Sitemaps. There, Webmasters can upload sitemaps of their sites. Thus, pages not even linked properly can be made accessible to Googlebot easier.

Uploading happens with a well-defined XML format, which is specified on the Google Sitemaps homepage. I made a little php program to generate such sitemaps automatically out of the installation of a phpWebSite. You can even specify multiple phpWebSites on the same server and let the program generate a site map for each.

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Pagerank 5

updated by rck, 2005-04-26
Pagerank 5

Today it occured to me, that my Firefox PR Extension showed PR 5 instead of the PR 4. Just for curiosities sake I did a quick Search for “Pagerank 5” on Google and guess what? It came up with more than 31.000 links!

People are insane. Why would they write about Pagerank 5? Joen Asmussen for example did a note on his blog about it, like this one.

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Keine neuen Cliés mehr

updated by rck, 2006-03-26
Keine neuen Cliés mehr ...zumindest außerhalb Japans nicht mehr. Somit wurde der Handheldmarkt von 3 auf 2 Anbieter reduziert.

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