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css is a simple style sheet mechanism that allows authors and readers to attach style to html documents [Googlism]




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Introducing Polar 0.2

updated by rck, 2006-03-25
Introducing Polar 0.2

Polar 0.2rck2004, the old theme, has been online from March 2004 until now, October 2004. It's been a quick hack and was meant to be replaced earlier. I've made a new theme, it's called Polar 0.2. It will be the default theme as of today.

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Vertical Center + Align Right with CSS

updated by admin, 2004-10-11
Vertical Center + Align Right with CSS

It took me quite some time to get this right, so why not write it down? There are a couple of articles regarding vertical centering with CSS (which is bloody complicated). But, at least Yuhu's Definitive Solution with Unknown Height is very fragile and doesn't work anymore, as soon as you start centering or text-aligning it right.

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Keine neuen Cliés mehr

updated by rck, 2006-03-26
Keine neuen Cliés mehr ...zumindest außerhalb Japans nicht mehr. Somit wurde der Handheldmarkt von 3 auf 2 Anbieter reduziert.

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