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Voting for the missing phpWSBB feature

updated by rck, 2007-03-02
Voting for the missing phpWSBB feature Please all vote for the "missing phpWSBB feature". The poll is open until beginning of March, then I'll write the hack and make it public on my homepage.

13 features are awaiting your vote, please choose the one that fits your needs best. Alternatively, the one you might seem to be cool or useful.

We have a winner: It's once more a photo-finish, the forum group restrictions a.k.a. private forums have won. This feature is already in CVS and implemented on so I'll work on improving the interface for it and release a hack.

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The missing phpWSBB feature

updated by rck, 2007-04-06
The missing phpWSBB feature Every once in a while, someone at the phpws forums would like to have a suggestion on how to integrated phpBB into phpWebSite. Then, the usual answer is, to simply take phpWSBB which results in a frown. phpWSBB doesn't have the great features that phpBB has, does it?

Edit The newly-compiled phpWSBB 1.2.0 is now available for download. It contains the private forums hack as seen in CVS with some interface improvements.

Homepage Links for comments

updated by rck, 2006-05-07
Homepage Links for comments Most Blogs have them. Comment system that support homepage links. Making this possible in phpWebSite is not that much effort. Just add a template field, a new database field, a bit of php code and there you go.

To make life easier for you, I've lined out the steps required to add a homepage link to your phpWebSite. You can also see this comments enhancement in action on my homepage.

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Add links easily

updated by rck, 2006-04-24
Add links easily

The Linkmanager seems to be some kind of step-son of phpWebSite. Yes, we have a way to collect links, it apparently is saying. Another feature on the list. But is it actually useful?

One of the great things of the currently hyped "Social Bookmarking Tools" like (very nice, btw.) are the bookmarklets available there. All you need to do to add your currently visited site to your "Blinklist" (=List of Bookmarks) is click a button on your Links-Toolbar.

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Time is relative

updated by rck, 2006-02-03
Time is relative Instead of thinking about time in absolute numbers, we often think relative. Like “I bought a new pair of shoes yesterday”, “My car's windshield broke this morning” (sad but true) or “I will start dieting. Tomorrow.”

Time is easier to grab this way, that's why you often find such relative time hints in various blogs and online publications also. Instead of showing an absolute date, vBulletin for example writes “Yesterday, 6.00am”. Google Desktop shows hints like “9 min ago” for its RSS feeds (Web Clips).

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phpWSBB statistics for the needy

updated by rck, 2006-01-27
phpWSBB statistics for the needy Statistics are wonderful. They tell you, what's going on. Like how much bandwidth does a site need a day, how many visitors does it have. Or on a smaller granularity: How often has a thread of a forum been viewed and who are the guys posting the most?

Alas, phpwsbb is lacking that also, like so many things. Time to change it, I said to myself. And started coding a top thread-starter, top poster and most views screen for phpwsbb. It's working, just have a look into my forums.

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Latest posts enhancement

updated by rck, 2005-07-10
Latest posts enhancement

For me, phpWebSites phpwsbb forum module has a lot of potential which is largely unused. One step in the right direction would be the display of

  • Who replied last and
  • how many replies have there been to a thread

in the phpwsbb last forum posts block. It would also be nice to have the latest post label (instead of the thread label) and the editor of the post (if there is one) instead of that of the owner. Well, I hacked phpwsbb again to do just that.

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phpWebSite hacks

updated by rck, 2005-03-12
phpWebSite hacks

There's that great listing of 3rd-party modules at the phpWebsite Mainsite. What I haven't found until now is a list of all 3rd-party hacks.

I know, that it is quite big a task to list them all, but I'll do a start. Please add other ones you know about as a comment so we can have a full listing eventually!

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Filtering Categories in Calendar

updated by rck, 2006-04-23
Filtering Categories in Calendar

Tommy, aka trf from the phpWebSite forums had an idea. What, if it would be possible to filter your sites' calendar by its category? Like: You select the “Party” category and would only see all parties in your Calendar

Well, I've seen that idea, talked to Tommy and we implemented it. The whole project didn't even take a week and I got a very generous amount of money on my paypal account.

v7 (2005-03-10) instead of simply setting all checkboxes in the category selector to false when the Master category is selected, I commented the whole check out. This wasn't exactly a good idea as it generated an "invalid argument" warning during the foreach loop in CatSel.php. Fixed in this version

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Folders for phpWebSites Bulletin Board

updated by rck, 2004-12-10
Folders for phpWebSites Bulletin Board

While some might say, phpWebSite has too much of everything, I don't agree. One thing is missing for quite some time in its native Bulletin Board: Subforums!

I have hacked phpwsbb a bit and came up with folders - Containers for phpWSBB Forums. Enjoy!

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