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Insanely Dead: My iMac is back
updated by rck, 2004-10-12

I bought an iMac back in 1998. Because it was cool. Connect just two cables and you're in the Internet. Yeah, right. It of course didn't work out like that.

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When I first heard about the iMac I went like "Hey, great! At last: a affordable Macintosh for me. Let's buy it". Then came the iMac day at apple friends. I grabbed Flo by the hand, back in 1998, and had him attend it with me. Cool, we thought. Really neat and good looking.

"It can display up to 1'024x768 pixel on this neato little display" told us the shop assistant. "Of course I'd recommend you 800x600 pixel, they are much nicer to look at". Yeah, right. And 1'024x768 pixel can only be shown with "thousands of colors" which is pretty useless for graphics, I figured out at home, after buying it.

I found out, that this piece of history is quite loud, the CD-ROM tray won't come out, the mouse isn't too usable and the expensive heap of plastic is slower than any other computer I was used at that time.


I've been computer science student for three years already back then. So I came to the conclusion: This baby needs more memory. Loads of it. And I went and bought more memory.

There was the first bummer. "We can only replace the existing 64 MB of RAM. And: it's quite expensive, too. Are you really sure you want to buy that?". Of course I was. I went home with a freshly upgraded Macintosh, bought my copy of MacOS 9 (the Mac shipped with 8.something) and was looking forward to a speed improvement.

I wasn't too sure about the speed improvement and lost my interest in the iMac. It's been too loud, took too much space on my desk and felt... well, slow.

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  • Bad experience

    Posted on 2004-09-30 04:03:49 By Anonymous

    It's a pity you've had a bad experience with your iMac but mostly it just comes from lack of knowledge and some bad advice from your retailer although I don't know about the power-up problems.

    The RAM is dirt cheap as it's standard SODIMM or DIMM depending on the slot. It can be expanded to 192MB RAM which is barely passable for OSX and some people have had 384MB running ok. The video ram can be expanded to 6MB which will get you millions of colours at 1024x768.

    The empty port you mention is probably the mezzanine slot, not airport if you've a RevA iMac. There were only a few expansion cards for it as Apple killed the slot in the RevC iMac. IIRC there was a Voodoo2 card and a SCSI card.

    Have a look at for more info. Should be a bunch of stuff on there.

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