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Microsoft sues Spammer. Again.
updated by rck, 2006-03-30

You can say what you will about Microsoft. I still believe, they have some very good points. They are big enough in making a difference while battling spam, for example.


Best price? And what about shipping?
Get your drugs!

I got two annoying Mails today. The one wanted me to set my customer data straight at the Smith Barney bank. Too bad, I'm not their customer. The other one, seen to the right, wanted to sell me a couple of drugs.

Well, to be honest, I'd rather buy my drugs at Karlsplatz, face to face. Which I don't, but I would if I did. And I take care about my banking needs at home, that's a valid point. But I'm customer of a austrian bank, calling US for my financial needs is kind of pointless.

To put it in other words: I don't need any of that stuff, I'd like to stop them from clogging my mailbox.

Microsoft to the rescue

Well, Microsoft helps. As the german magazine c't wrote today, they sued nine webhosters a few days ago. This includes, for the first time, a web hoster who helps people getting their (annoying) messages into cyberspace.

And Amazon helps as well, they support Microsoft with their lawsuites. That's good news for me. I'm not quite sure about the sender id, though. I'd rather see a more open source oriented solution, like Ars Technica and the Apache Software Foundation do.

Never the less: Horray to Microsoft, good work! :-)


The Spam Weblog

Has a blog entry on this.

Tech World: Microsoft sues more spammers

Same topic, more info.

Microsoft Tweaks sender ID license for Open Source

Whether the terms are open enough for the open source community to climb on board in support remains unclear. The license is an update to an e-mail authentication specification designed to reduce the number of spoofed e-mails used by many spammers today.



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