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Different views of reality
updated by rck, 2004-11-20

I've seen a nice cartoon at the Black Board of an universitarian institute. It shows an elephant with four men around it. They are all blindfolded and touch the elephant at different spots. Each getting a different idea of what he's actually touching, each one being wrong of course.

Like real life

Four blindfolded man, each touching the same elephant, each getting a different impression
reality is an elephant

If you only care about algorithms, you'll never do a nice webdesign. If you only care about colours, you'll never do nice markup. If you only care about content, you might not be very efficent with the resources you have for your work

Life isn't only about specialists. Most people forget, that we all have common goals to reach.

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  • thanks

    Posted on 2007-01-01 06:09:58 By Anonymous

    hi i was looking for a picture about that
    and i found you
    aren't we all have diffrent views 4 one thing

    i saw a cartoon and a tale about that elephant
    and till now i can't forget

    thanks again
    you make my day

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